Workshop for Korean students 2010

unusual way of shaking hands

interactive moments

Korean participants

Charlene and Yoo-Jin conducting pre-quiz

The Body Game by Yoo-Jin

condom demonstration by Red Agents

On 25th Jan 2010, we conducted our very FIRST HIV/AIDS 101 workshop of the TERM! The Red Agents who conducted the workshop were Yoo-Jin, Vincent and Charlene.
The HIV/AIDS 101 session was held in Bilik Serbaguna, 2nd Floor, PTSL, UKM. It was conducted to Korean students who are currently on exchange here in UKM.

We had our very own intern from Korea, Yoo-Jin, to translate in Korean when the students did not understand certain words. Despite the little language barrier, their participation was exceptional, seeing that the session was conducted in English.


Train the Trainers

the trainers

Ben explaining the Body Game

Last night we had our Train the trainee (TtT) for The Red Project members, our CEEDer from China, Megan and our intern from Korea, Yoo-Jin. The TtT was conducted by the previous batch Red Agents, Wei Lin, Ben and Shu Shean.

A special thank you to Ben, Wei Lin and Shu Shean for taking some time out to conduct the training. All of us really gain a lot in this TtT and we really appreciate the trainers.


first four days in Malaysia.


Before I arrive in Malaysia, I could feel the welcome given by the UKM AIESECers, from the greetings by Pei Ling and the useful preparation booklet by Ben. When I arrived , the constant concern from them for me warmed my heart, still remember the 1st day Jarod showed me around the beautiful campus though he got many classes then, still remember when something goes wrong with my room it was Charlene that shared her new dorm for my 1st night; still remember Jing Wen, even as the LCP who has lots of stuff to deal with everyday, yet invited me to attend AMAN which became one of the sweetest memories in Malaysia, still remember Derek and Vincent were so kind to drive me to the AMAN place and Kajang ,and of course there are so many other sweet AIESECers that I could not name one by one, it is them that make me feel AIESEC UKM was like my 2nd home here.

The work

The 1st day I joined the financial training from the Finance director together with the Finance and Marketing department members, it was so cool to get the professional Finance knowledge here. The second day, through the conversation with Jing Wen, I got a general idea of the LC here and later I joined the OC meeting and later got a training from Ameen on Flash which was really impressive. Although there seems to be a big challenge facing in front of us for finding sponsor, however I do enjoy the AIESECers’s passion and hardworking, so guys from TRP, I really cannot help waiting to work with you !

The Life

Well I am so glad to live in such beautiful garden-UKM, the accommodation is quite cool, with a quite thoughtful Chinese roommate; the food here is a collection of Malay, Chinese and India, quite diversified and yummy; and the school transportation is quite convenient with several buses taking us either to the center of campus or KTM, so the life here seems pretty cool, don’t need to worry too much on it .

So for the first 4 days of my ceedership, though facing some culture shock, I do enjoy the people, the work and the life here.

written by :

Megan Ma (ceeder of The Red Project)


The Red Team welcomes you

The Red Agents in The Red Project


welcomes YOU,

Jeong Yoo Jin
Local Committee AIESEC in Korea University, AIESEC in South Korea!


Iqbal Lhutfi
Local Committee AIESEC in Andalas University, AIESEC in Indonesia!



The Red Team welcomes you

The Red Agents in The Red Project


welcomes you,


woohoo *applauds*

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