Exhibition in Sunway

In conjunction with Entrepreneurship and Youth, a Learning Network (EYLN) launching, the Red project had an exhibition in Sunway Piramid. Reaching to the public, The Red Agents play none but an interactive role in spreading awareness on HIV and Aids to the public. And most importantly, the Red Agents had impacted people with knowledge on HIV/AIDS. on behalf of the Red Agent, we would like to thank Sunway and EYLN for this opportunity and amazing experience in Sunway Piramid.

Okay, done much of writing, dear readers, do indulge in some of the photos.

Layout. help from other AIESECers in UKM.

and we would like to thank interns from UM, Kate Pote and Marie and also OCP of HIV/AIDS project of UM, Chia Yinn for joining us in the exhibition.

AIESECers from UKM

Now, the interns and Red Agents in action

who said this exhibition is only for shoppers... we managed to grab a guards attention by asking him on issues on HIV/AIDS. that was so coooool.

And lastly our dear OCP and interns posing in front of the lenses.

Cheers, Agents and interns from UM, you have all done a great job in spreading the Red awareness, HIV/AIDS awareness. 

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