Egypt , Malaysia and the Red Project ..

       Hello , this is osama mahmoud , A 4th Year  medical student in Cairo University .  It has been exactly two weeks since my arrival to Malaysia and am falling in love with the beauty of the nature in this country .

     Actually , I have never imagined that I will pass by that multi cultural experience when I left Cairo on the 6th of August . But when I came here , Everything was different  from Egypt , the people , the language ,, the lifestyles and once i was in KL Sentral i expected that this journey will be full of excitement  . 

     The problem which I cannot avoid here in UKM Is the Ants and mosquitoes , and I remember on the first day I had a bottle of medication for Coughing , and I put it on my bureau , after 1 hour only , I found that the ants were  drinking the bottle , ha ha

    Another problem is the Spicy food which you find here in almost all the Indian restaurants  , and i`ll never forget my first experience my first experience with that kind of food . After breaking my fasting , I ordered Green Curry Soup and it was only one spoon and I felt that a bomb has  just exploded in my brain . Ha ha,, from that time I learned that take care about the food i order  in the next times

       Now  we are working on The Redproject for HIV/AIDS , which aims to spread the awareness of HIV/AIDS among the youth via Workshops for high school students and conferences for college students , and next week will be the first Workshop for me which will different from any other workshops i have ever had in Egypt , Once with different people and in a different country with a different country .   

        This will be a new experience which I hope to gain a lot from it and to help the students to gain more information about HIV/AIDS and how to protect themselves from that Epidemic  and to demonstrate  the difference between HIV virus and AIDS disease . Also , another goal of that workshop which I hope we can spread , is that person  living with HIV  ( pL HIV ) are not always bad people because of the stigma and prejudice  we have about HIV/AIDS Patients , you can deal with those pl HIV without being infected and those patients are victims of that damned virus.

      I had once seen an HIV patient in Cairo during a visit to Fever Hospital , and his case was delayed with Kaposi Sarcoma  and after two weeks only of this meeting I knew that he passed away  . I felt pain because we couldn’t help those patients ,, so I hope that we can spread HIV/AIDS  culture to keep the youth safe  and Help PL HIV to have normal life without discrimination .

  Finally ,, i`d like to say thank you to all the People here in UKM and all my friends from other LCs here in Malaysia for all the good time am having now with them  in that beautiful country .

 Osama Mahmoud  

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