HIV/AIDS roadshow in University Kebangsaan Malaysia

RED Roadshow in Pusanika in UKM. Whoohoo... this roadshow had proved to be beneficial to the students in UKM and of course AIESEC in UKM because we managed to brand ourselves and students participate a lot in the roadshow. a round of applauds for the RED agents and students in UKM... whoohoo~

Layout of the roadshow

Red Agents preparing to rock Pusanika...

Approaching students about
What we do and how we are doing it ? 
click on the links above to know more about The Red Project and HIV/AIDS

And we have Marie Nemoto, intern from Japan come and visit us at our roadshow. 
Jennifer and Marie.

Things start to get a little bit interactive here. welcoming The Body Game.

Explaining the body game

Jennifer showing the condom demonstration to Marie.

Thats all for now. a sneak preview of what coming up next
Exhibition in Sunway Piramid. 
Stay tuned

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