Workshop at Burhanuddin Helmi Residential College

Sad to say, it was Yoo-Jin's last workshop in UKM (Awwww). The RED Agents went to  Burhanuddin Helmi Residential College to conduct a workshop. Although the participants are less than 20 people due to the exams going on, however, they are quite interactive and enjoyed participation in the workshop. The Red Agents are really glad to see the audience enjoyed and get the most out of it in the workshop.

the starting slides
Iqbal conducting workshop

AIESEC all around the world, introduced by Iqbal.

wildfire game ~

Woohoo~ thats for the workshop photo. Well, the night is still young. The Red Agents had a little surprise for Iqbal, our beloved intern... YAY~

Our Birthday Boy... hahaha
Happy Birthday to You Iqbal~
(many things to wish for huh~) 

with us is San, and a lot of memories are embedded in these pictures.
RED Project is HOT TO GO.

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