A Different Spin : HIV

Are you AWARE that there are such things going on ?

Are you AWARE on what you can do to help making a difference ??
Ask again, after watching this video.

" I have been given the opportunity to be here, working with community members the vulnerable communities understanding their difficulties they faced in Malaysia. " - Celeste Parin
"I did a HIV test here, at PT foundation, I just wanted to understand the process that we do, so I went through the free HIV screening myself and becomes ask me the question, are you prepared if you test HIV positive, and I had to straight up say no. " - Celeste Parin 
 " Sinilah macam satu keluarga, kami semua, golong pembawa HIVkan, jadi kami faham-memahami antara satu sama lain. " - Firdaus - living with HIV
 " Yea yea yea, especially in Malaysia, I mean here not, people don’t always talk about, they don’t really talk about it about it openly." Cassandra Wong, student
" You know, these people had decided not to see it as a life sentence, but rather, they have been given life. " Celeste Parin
"The best is to be happy and healthy and to get on with life."
We do not see cases of HIV being reported everyday in the newspaper, in fact i doubt you can really see it once a week. Most of us choose to be ignorant about HIV/AIDS than addressing these issues. How far are you equipped with HIV/AIDS knowledge in protecting yourself and your partner? do you know who to reach should you or your friend being infected with HIV ?

Protect yourself. Protect your partner
make a difference starting from yourself

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