Workshop at SMK Jalan Reko

Red Agents on the move! At 4th May, We went to SMK Jalan Reko for HIV/AIDS workshop, which is located in Kajang.
First, We would like to thank the officials of SMK Jalan Reko for giving us this opportunity to conduct HIV/AIDS workshop, hope you meet later again :)

Here are some pictures of this day's HIV/AIDS workshop.

on the way to the SMK Jalan Reko, cute MJ :)
Wildfire Game, Jarod, Karla and Students =)
during workshops, our OCP ! Peiling and MJ
Body Game, Karla and students :-)

after the workshops, girls with meals ^^

Red Agents with Teachers :-)

Well, the Red Agents hope the students enjoy the session.
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Red Agent

The RED Project, AIESEC in UKM.

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