12 August: HIV Training from MAC

We were paid a visit from Victor, a representative from Malaysian AIDS Council, today to recieve training on how to conduct HIV/AIDS awareness workshops. We had useful discussions on HIV/AIDS-related issues and how to convey them to different sets of audiences. He shared with us knowledge he gained from travelling around the world in his job, which was helpful.

We went through most parts of our workshops, and he showed us some activities and energizers we could use while conducting workshops.

One of the most interesting parts with this training session was the presentations of, and discussions about, the HIV/AIDS situation in our respective countries. It really illustrated how large the differences are in how the issue is percieved in different countries, the reasons for it, and how different countries deal with it.

Most of us feel better equipped to conduct workshops after this day.

On behalf of all the interns, we would like to thank Victor and MAC for their dedication and time. Welcome back!

Red Agent Mattias

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