Workshop at MAHSA College - 18th of August 2009

Me (Mattias), Amna, Cindy, Katka and our nice new intern Maria went for a workshop at the MAHSA College. The workshop was conducted for a large group of nursing students (80-100 people). We got a very warm welcome from the dean and our contact person.

The workshop went really good, and both us and the audience had a really good time. After the presentations and discussions, one of the nursing students got the microphone and started to sing a famous Indian song. Then the rest of the audience joined in. They continued by performing the Malaysian national anthem for us. A very thrilling experience indeed! Since they were so nice and sang for us, we sang some songs for them. Amna sang a Hindi song, Katka a Czech children's song, Maria a song from Hong Kong, and me and Cindy a Chinese song I learnt last year.

We hope that we will be able to come back to conduct more workshops soon! Thank you MAHSA College!

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