Workshop at McKinsey & Company - 21st of August 2009

Today, we (Mattias, Daphne, Aiza, Mariette, Hyunmi) conducted a workshop at McKinsey & Company's office in KLCC. The view was amazing from the 57th floor, and so was the workshop. The workshop was very different from what we have done before. We didn't use any presentation (no powerpoint!), and left it very flexible and open. We started with expectation settings and questions from the participants. We found out quickly that the participants were very knowledgeable and easy to discuss with. We concluded the workshop with a discussion about three value-based statements. Very interesting points and information came up during this session. We were all impressed by the participants. All in all, this was the best workshop I (Mattias) have ever conducted. We learned a lot from these great people. Sincere thanks to McKinsey & Company, the participants and our lovely hostess! Hope to come back soon!

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