My best day during internship…

  I was in a sleepy condition when I woke up at 5 am in Za’ba College. I pushed my body to take a bath with freezing water..bbbbrrrrrrr…!! That’s really made me fell sick. But I had to get the bus at 7 am, and went to KLCC with Ha, because I wanted to visit the skybridge at Twin towers, and it only opened in the morning, so we had to wake up early and go to KLCC as soon as possible…

      At 6.45 I went to the bus stop in front of Za’ba College, and Ha was already there. We got the earliest bus (rapid KL) to KTM station, when I arrived there, the train already came and the passengers ran to go inside, but we couldn’t enter that train because we didn’t buy the ticket. So, after we bought the tickets we have to wait the next train around 20 minutes. After we arrived at KL Sentral we bought rapid KL train ticket to KLCC.

      KLCC station was very crowded when we arrived there. And we had to meet Ben who was already there to get the ticket for us. But unfortunately there was a problem with the signal and I couldn’t call him. Finally, after 15 minutes there, we managed to call him. And he was still queuing to get the tickets. And we got the ticket at 1.30. So, we had a lot of time to go around the Twin towers. Ben suggested us to try the experience in Petrosains, what a really amazing experience there ( you have to try it ).

      And after 2 hours in Petrosains, we visited the sky bridge, that’s really awesome…I really liked that moment… but its only 10 minutes, but I think that’s quite enough.:)

      Then, we decided to visit Bukit Bintang, and our first destination is Pavilion Plaza, and we walked around, and we had lunch there, actually we planned to watch movie, but the ticket already sold out. So, we went to Berjaya times square to find another cinema there, but unfortunately the ticket already sold out too, after drink at the Tea Shop we back to UKM…


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