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AIESEC Activity

Chapter One-AMAN
The 1st weekend, I was so glad to be invited to join AMAN,-Malaysia AIESEC AWARD Night. Compared to Chinese Award Night which is usually held on the last night of our National Conference, the professionalism of AIESEC Malaysia really impressed me and I did notice that AIESECers in Malaysia all did awesome jobs in the last year not only in terms of exchange number but also for the members and LC’s organic growth. Hope AIESEC Malaysia and AIESEC UKM will have a more rapid growth next year^^
Chapter two-Central Area Election Day

Me and AIESECers from LC UKM and interns

 Me and the Red Agents from The RED Project
In China, usually LCs will hold its own LCP election ,so members from one LC probably have no idea of the procedure of other LC’s LCP election, but here in KL, Malaysia ,a big AIESEC event of Central Area Election which is consist of 4 LCs –UKM,UPM.UM,TUC really provided a platform for AIESECers to know more about other LC and have some knowledge about the advantages and disadvantages of their brother LCs, I do like this way and hope it could follow this suit later .

Chapter three-AIESEC Gathering &Bonding Time in UKM

Every Wednesday evening, to every AIESECer in UKM, it is a special moment ,since it is a AG time  yay! Unlike My LC ,the only gathering time is every month LC meeting ,most time of which is kinda boring and serious, however the one held in UKM is quite member motivated where the ground dance ,TM session and alumni sharing provide the chance for members to know more about each other plus get more idea of the excellent former AIESECers and other function work, so TMers in UKM, you guys really do an awesome job, hope you could keep up this tradition and perhaps add more elemant in it in the future^^

Chapter three-My farewell Dinner

In our LC, as the OCP of Red Wings Project in our LC,I have arranged or participated a lot of farewell dinners for interns, and here ,in UKM, as a CEEder ,I got the chance to get my own Farewell dinner though I don’t like the feeling of saying goodbye to my friends.

Well I own great thanks to the AIESECers who joined my farewell ,for you guys were under mid-term exams, so quite busy with study and AIESEC work already  but still spare time to join it ,I was quite touched by it, thanks a lot ya^^.Held in Zaba, the farewell dinner was prepared with Satay and many other traditional food ,we even hold (could you ask Jarod the Chinese food we had for drinking competition?),,it is absolutely one of my sweetest memories in Malaysia

My Work
Chapter one –find sponsor

Well it is hard to find sponsor to support a non-profit project, not to mention to find one in Malaysia where the official working language is English and corporate cultures is quite different from that of China in one month ,however ,the more challenging the work is ,the more meaningful.

The CEEDership is, so starting with making proposal, then making cold calls and later visiting companies, our marketing team progress step by step, I am so glad to work with Charlene and Kuan Yoke –the two passionate girls for marketing work, and also enjoy the OC meeting of TRP

Pei ling , Jarod , Geraldine ,Vincent and Hui Yee, I am really proud to be the colleague with you guys^^

Chapter two- Conduct workshop

Although my JD of ceedership did not include workshop , yet I did appreciate TRP team offered me the chance to be the Red Agent with interns and AIESECers, making one of my AIESEC dreams –to be facilitator for HIV/AIDS come true. The workshop was held in SEGi College, which is quite far from UKM. Getting up around 6 am ,it took us like 4 hours to get there ,welcomed by the teachers and students there ,the whole process seemed to be quite enjoyable with the help of very responsive students ,we were proud to be The Red Agent! 

Culture Shock
Batu Cave tour

On the 3rd weekend, I went to Batu Cave with my Intern friends, without acquiring any knowledge about the cave, I thought it was a cave showing drawing , like a museum visiting. However when I went there ,I was deeply shocked by the Indian Crowd there, whom with flowers on their head and barefoot ,what’s more ,there are some certain people with hooks deeply linked to their bones and several people pull them on the back ,it seems that they were under great pain to pray ,the sincere spirit really impressed me a lot 

Malay People
Well before I came to Malaysia ,my Chinese Friends told me to be careful when talking with Malay people, this is mostly because we were so unfamiliar about their culture or we misunderstood that they were kinda cold when treating foreigners. However during my stay, I was so surprised by their friendliness, for example ,a Malay Uncle kindly introduced me the yummy food and could remember what I ordered even 2 weeks after and I still remembered a Malay Staff in Starbucks sacrificed his working time to look for the way to get the printing place for me ,there are so many cases that shows people here is a lot nicer than I thought and I really miss them^^

Malaysian Cuisine
The food here is a combination of Malay, India , Chinese and so forth, so it is quite diversified .as to the Malay food. I was quite impressed by the spicy and oily food here ,even as a Chinese who loves Sichuan Food(which is famous for the spicy sauce),I did find the Malay food a little bit more spicy ,however most of the food is very delicious. 

Malaysia Tour
Chapter one-Penang trip

On the 2nd weekend of my CEEDership ,I went to Penang ,the trip of which took me 5 hours ,then in USM,I met my old friend- Yi Ying (she did a internship in Dalian last year) and her friend – Qing Yoong ,a nice @er who kindly showed us around Penang by his car, during my 2 days visit ,the tourism sites and best ever food in Malaysia there attracted me a lot and the moment I left there I was kinda sad and didn’t wanna go back ,haha

Chapter 2 – KL tour

Since UKM is a little bit far from the central of KL ,so Yoo Jin,Milou,Bob ,Ramiro and I decided to book a hostel in China Town which could facilitate our 2 days KL tour. It was an amazing weekend, not only did we pay visits to Batu Cave ,Chinese Town ,some Museums,but also we went to Reggae Bar and Zouk Nightclub where I found the nightlife in KL is amazing ,lots of tourists plus exciting atmosphere

Chapter 3-Melaka

Well introduced by my German friend that Cameron Highland is a must-go place for tourists, so I bought the ticket one week ahead to get there with Milou and Yoo Jin, however I did miss my bus and only to be told that it was impossible for me to make it on my last weekend ,so I have to give up Cameron Highland.. kinda sad=( 

However ,I went to Melaka then with Derek who kindly drove me there and made my trip so wonderful .Actually it’s a spontaneous idea ,neither of us did a good research of Melaka even when we were on our way there, haha ,how random we are =).Melaka is far smaller than I thought and it only took us several hours to finish all the tour sites, but I really enjoy it

Chapter Four-meet up with my friends in Malaysia

During my CEEDership time,I met my old friends Alvin ,Moritz ,Usong ,Muslih and Kenny ,some of them jst came to Malaysia to visit me or the AIESECers in different LCs, Its so glad to meet them again in different places and thanks to AIESEC that made me have friends all over the world and I am not alone even in China ,^^    

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