Workshop at SEGi College, Subang Jaya

Yoo-Jin, Megan, Geraldine and me (Jarod) had conducted a workshop at SEGi College last Saturday. it was an awesome workshop and the Red Agents enjoy it very much. here are some pictures on the day's workshop. (and more to come...)
Michelle, the person in charge of this workshop, give it a start by welcoming the students and a brief intro about the Red Agents

Students who come to the workshop

The Wildfire Game. 

Students listened attentively

The end of the workshop, we took a picture with Michelle, the person in charge.

not forgetting Geraldine.....

Post workshop gathering. the Red Agents hanging out in the nearby mall and did documentation and Post-mortem.
On behalf of the Red Project, I would like to grab this opportunity to thank Michelle, the person in-charge of the workshop and her colleague for letting us to conduct the workshop and the souvenir as appreciation. Thank you so much to the students of SEGi College for participating in the workshop. Thanks. 

That's all for the workshop at SEGi. Stay tuned for more Updates...

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