after 3 weeks internship... :] - by Carmen

Hey!!!! finally it's my turn to write XDDD
(okay...please bear with me coz HK people love to use a lot of "facial expression" in their writing LOL)

soooo half of my internship had past and 20 days to go!!! ahhhh I AM SURE I WILL MISS THIS PLACE & EVERYONE :p I had a lot of fun here, everyone is very nice (haha...except the time when they bully me.... xp) and I enjoy spending everyday with my RED TEAM :]

for today....we went to midvalley for WORK lol and movie! (my 3rd movie in the 3rd week)
ahhhhh I really need to stop laughing all the time...haha

Our team has 11 interns now!!! yay!!! the more the better haha
we will work really hard for the workshopssssssssss so contact us if you are interested!
looking forward to another day in Malaysia :]

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