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Dear Reader,

This is my first post on the blog. I’ve been in Malaysia now for almost 1814400 seconds, which means that during my stay, 302400 people have been infected with HIV around the world. Which underlines the importance of our work here. With my three month stay in Malaysia, which is approximately  1/320 part of my life, hopefully I can save a few young Malaysians from doing some risky behavior they will regret for the rest of their live. Meaning that with just this small amount of effort I can save life’s. Isn’t that nice J?

Having conducted three workshops now, I noticed that the knowledge level of HIV/AIDS between institutes varies a lot. Now it doesn’t make a difference for me to conduct on either one of these institutes , because I’m equally happy when an audience regards the presented information as known as when they seem to have never heard of HIV/AIDS.  In the first case I’m relieved that someone has already taught them the essentials about this growing danger. In the second case I’m happy we, as red agents, can teach them the basics of HIV/AIDS before they become sexually active or start using drugs.

Having said that I’ll start telling you about my experiences with Malaysian people. One of the keywords in describing the Malaysian society is diversity. Malayans, Chinese, Indians etc. live together in this exotic melting-pot of cultures. I’ve accompanied a group of Malayan UKM students to visit the Cameron Highlands,  given a workshop to a group of Chinese students and have seen the Hindu temples at the Batucaves. The funniest experience however was when I actually had to show a Malaysian cabdriver the way in his own city. He looked quite astonished when we said we weren’t willing to pay the amount the meter indicated, very strange :P.

In a way this multicultural society reflects our Dutch population, which is also a combination of native Dutch people, Moroccans, Turks, Chinese, people from Suriname etc . It’s nice to see when so many different people can live together in harmony.

So this was my first post on the blog, a quite serious one. I’ll promise you my next one will be crazy as hell, be prepared!!!

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