Meri's first week over - by Meri

I am now living in that phase of my internship where everything is perfect. People keep asking me about how I can take the differences like heat and spicy food and I have to admit that I actually like them. At the moment I am totally in love with everything exotic that I don't have in Finland, such as:
- small and extremely friendly and helpful people who are always ready to go crazy about photos
- eating every meal out, including breakfast
- jungle-like forest with roots above the ground and monkeys jumping around
- singing from mosques
- cats trying to get fed and stroked

This has also been a time for quite intensive learning about HIV and AIDS. Maybe the most striking thing so far was to hear about an African belief that if you have AIDS, you will get cured if you have sex with as young a virgin as possible. Of course, the people who try to get cured that way are just infecting more people. Maybe Africa will be my next stop..

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