dancing to the rhythm of Malaysia - by Kanika

Hey people finally its my chance to speak my mind!!...wohoa! its been just 10 days and I swear I didn't even get bored for a second!.. There are always people around you and there is alot to talk about! Besides the project, we all share a common taste for our day to day it watching southpark with 8-10 people in one room or dancing to the tunes of music of different languages! or searching for good icecreams (no matter if you have to walk miles for it) or singing together at the karioke and dunno what all! The best moment is when you look around and you find people from singapore, mauritius, hongkong, finland, canada, india, greece, holand, and i dont know where all- coming from different backgrounds and different cultures all under one roof!..this is called UNITY IN DIVERSITY..its always fun working together and attending the meetings (which last way too long like 3 hours and can be schedluled at odd timings like-12:30 A.M.)-in other words- be it work or fun! I AM HAVING THE TIME OF MY LIFE in here and i am proud to be A RED AGENT!!! I feel I will learn alot after this internship gets over!...looking forward for more fun and EXPERIENCE!
love, hugs n kisses


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