training day by M.A.C. - by Estee

Today, we had training by Malaysia Aids Council. i think, if questions were arrows, Zam, our trainer, would have been made a human pincushion. hello Zam! if u're reading this, thanks so much for the training! it was a blast =D

at night, we went to berjaya times sq. at starbucks, i met a a tall, dark, towering figure: a venti dark berry mocha frappe. ooh la la. luuurrvveee...

on the train back to UKM, i played a slapping game with Weilin. i think she is secretly one of the mutants in X-Men. her speed, strength and agility at the game where u slap each others hands is remarkable. i got trashed! but its really fun to play with weilin and as quoted from Andreas: "BRAVO." maybe, she learnt some kungfu. like "The Buddha Palm" or "Muhammed Ali Slap" or smth like that... float like a butterfly, sting like a Weilin.
so communications team, we better make our callings count. dun offend weiling, she can strip flesh from bone in one fatal swipe of her godly paw. *shivers in fear*

woohoo Red Project!

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