Let's do one thing- by Prateek

This is my first write-up for The Red Project, but surely not the last . It’s been almost 20 days, since I have been allied with this project, and started calling myself as the proud Red Agent. I am feeling, a little disheartened, because now only 6 days more have left for me in Malaysia. I will be going back to my country on this coming Tuesday, and joining my college. All my fellow interns are working really hard for the coming series of workshops, and as not being a part of the coming series, I am missing all those night long preparations and dry runs, I am still working on some of the most crucial issues for this project, but that’s is the kind of work I would always love to do. I feel, it need  a lot of guts to stand in front of a bunch of curious youngsters with  a “don’t-torture-us-anymore” expression on their face. I wanted to conduct a workshop, since the day I have joined it, but some reasons restraint me from doing so, but finally, I conduced my first and unfortunately the last workshop on 9 June’ 09 at Institute Kojadi, I shouldn’t lose the opportunity of saying that it was awesome. I was a part of one workshop before also, but did not speak, but here I spoke, and I think It was ok la….!!!! Lolz…

I seriously don’t want to go back to India, now, because I want to be a part of coming workshops, but still cannot postpone my departure as my college has already been started and I m missing my portion of studies, though I am not a nerdy-birdie guy, but still I am missing my friends, college and university, I have made a kind of bond with my fellow interns, that I hardly gets a chance to miss my friends in pune, but still they are calling me everyday, saying if I ever dare to postpone my ticket, they will disown me, and it was a serious warning indeed.

Hope this week-end, as it is my last in Malaysia, will be full of parties and more, even if we work…….we will do it in a party style……yeah…!!!  I will write one more time before going and one after reaching India…… wait for my write up………..haha!!!!!! 

Hugs and kisses……to all red agents and people who are linked with The Red Project somehow………!!!!!

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