Workshop at Clara International Aesthetic College - 19 June 2009

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Workshop at SMK Seri Puteri - 18 June 2009

Hey there Seri Puteri! We really enjoyed our time there!

Workshop at SMK Cyberjaya - 17 June 2009

On 17th of June, we had the pleasure to conduct a workshop in SMK Cyberjaya! 4 Red Agents which are:
  • Elco
  • Estee
  • Kanika
  • Shreysi
  • U-Jean
... invaded this school!

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Bali trip 26th of June - by Elco

What’s behind the AIDS epidemic? - by Meri

Let’s get serious - by Elco

Let’s do one thing - by Prateek

dancing to the rhythm of Malaysia - by Kanika

new perspectives - by Meri

after 3 weeks internship... :] - by Carmen

training day by M.A.C. - by Estee

Meri’s first week over - by Meri

happy bday to Carmen!! - by Patty

The first post - by Andreas


workshop at Kojadi

Here are some pictures from the workshop at Kojadi Institute on June 9th

How would the Red Agents would look like if they 

were in South Park?
Guess who is who!


Prateek returns back to India

It's some days since Prateek returned to India!
His development traineeship ended and now he is already 
back, full of memories and stories to tell (as he is telling us)!

Prateek from your friends in the Red Project,
we wish you all the best!!

Here are some pictures of the last night in UKM and a video 
made by us to remember your time in Malaysia and 
The Red Project!


What's behind the AIDS epidemic? - by Meri

What do you guys think is the root cause of AIDS epidemic?
Does it make sense to bring dozens of interns from around the world to work on HIV/AIDS awareness?
Would the world be a better place if there was no AIDS?

Looking forward to read your answers as comments!


Want to test your knowledge?

On we found a lot of interesting and nice quizzes!!

Here are some of them:

Challenge your knowledge and try the hard level !!

Are you fast enough?

Check out this game from

have fun
and if you are the new top scorer let us know ;)


for those who love to save!

Until 30th of June, you are a click away to tell DiGi to donate RM5 to Malaysian AIDS Foundation

Join the cause, Vote and Donate for free !!!


Let's get serious - by Elco

Dear Reader,

This is my first post on the blog. I’ve been in Malaysia now for almost 1814400 seconds, which means that during my stay, 302400 people have been infected with HIV around the world. Which underlines the importance of our work here. With my three month stay in Malaysia, which is approximately  1/320 part of my life, hopefully I can save a few young Malaysians from doing some risky behavior they will regret for the rest of their live. Meaning that with just this small amount of effort I can save life’s. Isn’t that nice J?

Having conducted three workshops now, I noticed that the knowledge level of HIV/AIDS between institutes varies a lot. Now it doesn’t make a difference for me to conduct on either one of these institutes , because I’m equally happy when an audience regards the presented information as known as when they seem to have never heard of HIV/AIDS.  In the first case I’m relieved that someone has already taught them the essentials about this growing danger. In the second case I’m happy we, as red agents, can teach them the basics of HIV/AIDS before they become sexually active or start using drugs.

Having said that I’ll start telling you about my experiences with Malaysian people. One of the keywords in describing the Malaysian society is diversity. Malayans, Chinese, Indians etc. live together in this exotic melting-pot of cultures. I’ve accompanied a group of Malayan UKM students to visit the Cameron Highlands,  given a workshop to a group of Chinese students and have seen the Hindu temples at the Batucaves. The funniest experience however was when I actually had to show a Malaysian cabdriver the way in his own city. He looked quite astonished when we said we weren’t willing to pay the amount the meter indicated, very strange :P.

In a way this multicultural society reflects our Dutch population, which is also a combination of native Dutch people, Moroccans, Turks, Chinese, people from Suriname etc . It’s nice to see when so many different people can live together in harmony.

So this was my first post on the blog, a quite serious one. I’ll promise you my next one will be crazy as hell, be prepared!!!

Let's do one thing- by Prateek

This is my first write-up for The Red Project, but surely not the last . It’s been almost 20 days, since I have been allied with this project, and started calling myself as the proud Red Agent. I am feeling, a little disheartened, because now only 6 days more have left for me in Malaysia. I will be going back to my country on this coming Tuesday, and joining my college. All my fellow interns are working really hard for the coming series of workshops, and as not being a part of the coming series, I am missing all those night long preparations and dry runs, I am still working on some of the most crucial issues for this project, but that’s is the kind of work I would always love to do. I feel, it need  a lot of guts to stand in front of a bunch of curious youngsters with  a “don’t-torture-us-anymore” expression on their face. I wanted to conduct a workshop, since the day I have joined it, but some reasons restraint me from doing so, but finally, I conduced my first and unfortunately the last workshop on 9 June’ 09 at Institute Kojadi, I shouldn’t lose the opportunity of saying that it was awesome. I was a part of one workshop before also, but did not speak, but here I spoke, and I think It was ok la….!!!! Lolz…

I seriously don’t want to go back to India, now, because I want to be a part of coming workshops, but still cannot postpone my departure as my college has already been started and I m missing my portion of studies, though I am not a nerdy-birdie guy, but still I am missing my friends, college and university, I have made a kind of bond with my fellow interns, that I hardly gets a chance to miss my friends in pune, but still they are calling me everyday, saying if I ever dare to postpone my ticket, they will disown me, and it was a serious warning indeed.

Hope this week-end, as it is my last in Malaysia, will be full of parties and more, even if we work…….we will do it in a party style……yeah…!!!  I will write one more time before going and one after reaching India…… wait for my write up………..haha!!!!!! 

Hugs and kisses……to all red agents and people who are linked with The Red Project somehow………!!!!!

dancing to the rhythm of Malaysia - by Kanika

Hey people finally its my chance to speak my mind!!...wohoa! its been just 10 days and I swear I didn't even get bored for a second!.. There are always people around you and there is alot to talk about! Besides the project, we all share a common taste for our day to day it watching southpark with 8-10 people in one room or dancing to the tunes of music of different languages! or searching for good icecreams (no matter if you have to walk miles for it) or singing together at the karioke and dunno what all! The best moment is when you look around and you find people from singapore, mauritius, hongkong, finland, canada, india, greece, holand, and i dont know where all- coming from different backgrounds and different cultures all under one roof!..this is called UNITY IN DIVERSITY..its always fun working together and attending the meetings (which last way too long like 3 hours and can be schedluled at odd timings like-12:30 A.M.)-in other words- be it work or fun! I AM HAVING THE TIME OF MY LIFE in here and i am proud to be A RED AGENT!!! I feel I will learn alot after this internship gets over!...looking forward for more fun and EXPERIENCE!
love, hugs n kisses



Workshop at Assunta College of Nursing - 02 June 2009

It was another successfully conducted workshop at the Assunta College of Nursing on June 2nd! Much to our great surprise, almost 110 participants attended the workshop with an immensely great participation! A very big THANK YOU to those who attended, and also not to forget Miss Wong, for making the workshop an impressively happening one! Looking forward for another session soon:) Check out some of the good shots we got from the workshop!

110 participants!

HIV/AIDS in statistics and numbers conducted by Elco

Estee with the Wildfire Game

Everyone was participating during the session. Kudos!

Meri talking about high and low risk activities

Hey girls, are you COOOL?~~~

We are COOOL~~

Body Game! Time to get into the roleplay

Group picture with some of the future nurses;)

The Red Agents : Kanika, Estee, Ben, Meri, Elco

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new perspectives - by Meri

People have said to me: "Meri, you should go for internship abroad because it will change you so much!" Now that I've been here for two weeks I still find myself pretty much the same person, but the magic of it is that I see that person in a new perspective. So I would like to tell some things about myself from this perspective:

I used to see myself as a very career-oriented person. Now I have met people who have friends who are e.g. ready to sacrifice a strong couple relationship because of a study or work opportunity in another city, which I would never do. I have also noticed that I have more guts and more ability to appreciate little things than I thought I had. Here a little breeze, staying safe and healthy for another day, sun and living without calendar seem like the greatest blessings ever.

One thing I really value is thinking before speaking and I have been quite worried about whether I am able to do it at all. Here I have been several times asked about why I am so silent. I guess that is an effect of thinking before speaking, which I just do not notice back home. These occasions made me also remember the previous times when I've been commented about being silent. That was many years ago and I remember being very insulted for many days. Now I was happy to see that I could actually take it with some pride :)

Another thing I have found out recently is how much I appreciate Asian style of striving for harmony. I don't enjoy saying negative things and I love smiling, saying many thank yous, handing business card with both hands and constantly looking for ways to help others. In Malaysia the harmony still does not seem to come at the expense of honesty, and that's why I love the style of interaction here very much. And of course I still have the interesting learning opportunities, when I don't get understood in the same way as I think.....


after 3 weeks internship... :] - by Carmen

Hey!!!! finally it's my turn to write XDDD
(okay...please bear with me coz HK people love to use a lot of "facial expression" in their writing LOL)

soooo half of my internship had past and 20 days to go!!! ahhhh I AM SURE I WILL MISS THIS PLACE & EVERYONE :p I had a lot of fun here, everyone is very nice (haha...except the time when they bully me.... xp) and I enjoy spending everyday with my RED TEAM :]

for today....we went to midvalley for WORK lol and movie! (my 3rd movie in the 3rd week)
ahhhhh I really need to stop laughing all the time...haha

Our team has 11 interns now!!! yay!!! the more the better haha
we will work really hard for the workshopssssssssss so contact us if you are interested!
looking forward to another day in Malaysia :]

Workshop at KLMU

Last week we had a workshop at KLMU (27th May 2009)

We would like to thank all the participants and we look forward to the upcoming workshop!
Here are some pictures from the workshop!

Faci, faci, faci!
From left: Andreas, Carmen, Patty, Estee, Prateek

Andreas kicking off the workshop

The expressive Estee!

Participants and faci taking part in the wildfire game!

AIDS = HIV + Opportunistic diseases

So you think you can wear a condom challenge!!!

Group picture 

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