Workshop at Nilai University College - 15 July 2009

Today we facilitated a splendid workshop at Nilai University College. Our new interns visited and facilitated their first workshop and did very good.

The lovely staff of Nilai fetched us from the trainstation and brought us to the school. Thank you so much!

After we arrived, we were informed that there would be another 100 students who would like to jjoin the workshop at the same time, but in a different venue. So this situation called for the new interns to facilitate also and they did splendidly. We divided into two groups. One group was formed by Red Agents: Shreysi, Mariette, Hao Tian, Mattias and Katrina, who were responsible for the secondary school students. The second group were Red Agents: Beverly, Wenda, Mimi and Jeesoo, who were responsible for the nursing college students.

Both the workshops were very pleasant to conduct. The crowd was very participative and enjoyed the workshop. After the session we made some group pictures and were taken to their food court for a nice lunch.

Thank you all so much!!!!

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