Singapore 25 July

The day started as holidays should start, late in the morning, after a nice long sleep. As Estee had a birthday party today, she couldn't guide us through Singapore, so we went exploring on our own.

We started roaming around malls in the beginning of the afternoon and had a nice lunch at the local food court. Apart from being even colder than Malaysian malls, the Singapore malls are almost the same. After a short while we grew bored in the mall and decided to watch Estee's dance practice.

The dance rehearsal took place in a park and we went there by train. The type of dance was Lindy hop and the specific practice was about lifts, which made it quite entertaining to see. During the "show" a funny looking Indian guy, reeking heavily of alcohol and sipping a Bavaria beer, joined us and started hitting on Kanika. Kanika though didn't seem to like the male company and quickly exused herself.

After the practice was over we (Kanika, Mariette, Ameen and I) went to the famous Singapore "Night Safari" and Estee went to the party. The nightsafari is located in the heart of Singapore and consists of a huge area of beautiful rainforest.

While being in the safari park, we visited the animal show and made a 45 minute trip by tram. The show was a compilation of a few big predators showing of from the stage and some small nocturnal animals doing tricks with their instructors.

The tramride took us through the biggest part of the park in about 45 minutes. We saw lions, elephants, tigers and a lot of the other animals that live in the Himalayas, India and equatorial Africa. The night safari was especially beautiful because the exhibits looked very natural without big fences and moats.

After the night safari, we went back to Estee's house and watched a movie together. Then it was time to end another magnificent day in beautiful Singapore. Tomorrow would be our last day already and we quickly went to sleep.


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