HIV-home visit

Yesterday we made a visit to the HIV-houses in the north of Kuala Lumpur. These houses are supported by MAC and Standard Chartered Bank. There are three different houses. One for women, one for children and one for transsexuals.

The visit made a big impression on every Red Agent. The first person stories were very emotional and the positive way of living these people at acquired was very inspiring. One of the women living in the transsexual house, was particularly ambitious to tell fellow Malaysians about HIV and fighting the stigma.

All of us agreed that this would probably be one of the best ways to make young Malaysians aware of the growing threat of HIV.

What was also very nice to see, was how happy the children in the HIV-house were. They had lots of education material and toys available. The house looked very neat and clean, and the staff looked very caring and lovely.

It's very nice to see that these people have a place to call home, where they are safe and cared for. We wish the inhabitants of the HIV-homes all the best and lots positive living!

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