26 July - Last day in Singapore

Today was already our last day in Singapore and we made plans to go out quickly. Ameen took a bus back to Malaysia in the morning. Mariette decided to join our other intern Daphne to visit China town, where they visited a beautiful, three floor, Chinese temple. Estee was planning of taking us, Kanika and I, to have a nice bicycle ride along the east coast of Singapore.

After a short train ride we arrived at the beach. The beach turned out to be a big recreational area where lots of Singaporeans do sports and spend leisure time. We took a look at the water skiing cable ride and the guys doing nice stunts on the ramps and waves. After a short walked we arrived at the bicycle rental shop and we hired three bikes. Fortunately all three of us were good bikers and we had a nice ride along the coast.

Halfway we made a nice pit stop and took some pictures of the giant ships waiting to be docked. The view on the skyscrapers from the beach was very pretty.

After an hour or so, we returned the bicycles and made our way back to Estee's house. After arriving we packed our luggage, thanked Estee's family for housing us and left. Estee joined us to the airport and after a very sad goodbye we hurried to the gate. At the gate we were reunited with Daphne and Mariette and boarded the plane.

After 45 minutes we arrived in KL and we took a cab back to the intern house. Our Singapore journey had ended. It was a very nice experience, because of all the nice places we visited and of course most of all because of Estee's presence.

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