Thailand trip!

While the other interns (Kanika, Andreas, Estee, Elco) were in Bali, we went to Amazing Thailand.

Well, the trip started with a long bus journey to the LCCT airport. Before boarding the plane we were of course checked for any dangerous instruments in our luggage and the airport authorities took all of Beverley's and Wenda's cosmetics, because they exceeded the maximum amount of fluids you can take onboard. So they didn't have a very fortunate start of their holiday.

After a short while in the plane, we arrived in Bangkok. After leaving the airport we realised we had forgotten to write down the address of the hotel we were suppose to go to. Luckily Wenda's phone had access to internet and eventually we found out about the hotel's address. After taking a pink colour Toyoto Corolla taxi to Pattaya, we arrived at our hotel.

After checking into the hotel, we went out for a nice dinner, walked around the street, checked out the beach, and then came back to our nice room with air-conditioning and television.
The next day, we got up early and had a very nice breakfast. We went out to the beach for water sports and some relaxation. After relaxing I wanted to have a thrill and decided to go jet ski-ing for half an hour and it was totally awesome!

Beverley and I got our henna tattoos done and after relaxing and enjoying on the beach we went back to the hotel and then went out shopping. In the evening, we went for a Transexual Cabaret Show. Pattaya is famous for hosting these shows in various theatres. The show is full with dazzling talented artists and entertainers who will deliver funny performances including comedic impersonations and dramatic numbers. It was a family show, so no naked or other offending sights. The show was very nice although Beverly got very jealous looking at how clean and beautiful the skin of the transexuals was.

The next day, after our usual nice breakfast that we were getting used to very quickly, we went out to do some adventure sports. What I meant was.... bungee-jumping from a height of 60 metres. The others didn't want to join me, so it was just me. When I was finally standing on a platform high in the air, I didn't dare to jump. I said to the instructor, you'll just have to push me. And then without a warning he pushed me of the platform. It was very cool, but I was super scary and I screamed loud at the top of my voice!

After that, we went aroud Pattaya for more sight-seeing, food tasting, shopping, and had a wonderful dinner. We also watched a Thai cultural show.
On our last day, which was the 29th June, we took a ferry to Kolen island from Pattaya. It was a beautiful island with super clean beaches and the water was clear like in a clean swimming pool. It was soooo adorable to see Beverley swim like a cute little duckling with her sunglasses on in the sea.

After that we all 3 went for a very painful/relaxing Thai massage. At the massage parlour, we were actually asked to quiet down as all three of us were laughing and giggling, because the massage was so painful and akward. They didn't want us to disturbe the other customers.
All good things come to an end and so did our fun-filled and amazing trip to Thailand. On 30th of June, we took a cab to the airport and after finishing the left over money we had at the Thai airport, we said bye bye to Thailand and head to Penang for another great trip:)



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