Best day of my internship :)

Today I woke up with excitement and curiousity as Estee had planned a surprise for me! I tried my best to guess what it was with the little hints she gave me but it was all a failure. These days in Singapore, I always wake up with a huge smile on my face as it's been 8 weeks away from the comfort of home. Every morning getting up at her place is like a paradise for me as there is a nice bed (which I have been longing for quite long!) and her family is very welcoming and nice. Estee if you are reading this, Thanks for all the hospitality and pleasure :).

Estee and Elco went to the airport to fetch Mariette while the lazy bone (I) was still asleep. After having a nice breakfast at home we set our day and went Downtown.
To reach there we had to take a train. I was surprised to see the accuracy and the development in Singapore. The trainstations show the accurate time for the journey from one place to another! Sometimes I wonder whether Singapore is an Asian country!

We reached the Orchid road which was a posh area with all the sky scrappers all around! It seemed like a really busy street and no less than the New York Times Square (Just seen it in movies!) We were surprised to discover that there are 800 shopping malls in Singapore! But to our bad luck the sales session is not going on.

After that, we went to Little India as suggested by Mariette and to my luck, I got decent Indian food! It was nearly as good as Estee's surprise (I was eating chapati after 8 weeks). After having a stroll around town we went to the Bugis street. It was like an open market with really cheap stuff for sale!

By the evening I was about to burst out of curiousity for my surprise but then Estee planned to take us to the Singapore Flyer which was like a dream! We were practically on top of the world as they told us we were 165m above sealevel and we could see Indonesia and Malaysia too! After the nice view it was finally time for my surprise. It was embarrassing and confusing when we walked into a 6 star hotel, The Fullerton, in our flipflops and the guys wearing shorts! We all had glitter in our eyes when we saw all kinds of chocolates, chocolate puddings and cakes, the fountain! We all ate like we had never eaten before and I couldn't help but smile because of the amazing treat and thought.

We ended the day by walking down the Boat Quak with a beautiful view and breeze from the riverside. As I walked down, I recollected all my memories from my last visit to Singapore with my family.

This is how my best day of my internship came to an end! And thanks Estee for the cherishable memory. Love you....

-x- Kanika

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