Country Presentations

Starting from last friday we have a new tradition. Every week on friday, we'll have country presentations by one of the interns about their own country and culture. This is a nice way for the other inters to get to know more about the different countries involved in the project.

Last friday it was up to Kanika, Shreysi, Beverly and Wenda to present their countries. This because Beverly left on saturday and Shreysi and Wenda will leave tomorrow.

First it was up to Beverly to tell us about the country were the Honkies come from. She covered a fast amount of topics, from Jackie Chan to the fragrance of fish (which explains the name Honk Kong :P).

Kanika and Shreysi told us all about India and its beautiful festivals and even performed a few typical Indian Dances.

Finally it was up to Wenda to present the wonderful island of Mauritsius. She told us all about the colonial history, the beautiful nature and the growing economy of the island. Wenda also performed a real African dance wearing a traditional Mauritian skirt.

So the country presentations were a big succes! Next week it's up to Korea and Holland to show all its tradition and hidden secrets.

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