Singapore 23 July

Woohoo, yesterday evening we, Kanika and I, took a plane to Singapore to visit Estee. Ameen one of the other interns was also in Singapore and together with Estee, he fetched us from the Changi airport.

After a short busride we arrived at Estee's parents house, somewhere in the Tempines district. We felt home very quickly and the night was spend in a nice and soft bed.

After a good night of sleep and a hot shower we decided to go to Santosa, the manmade island in the northwest part of Singapore. Santosa looks like paradise, it's all very clean, the beach is beautiful and there's plenty of vegetation.

In the waters of Santosa we had a little sumo competition. Kanika and Ameen teamed up and I and Estee formed a team. With the girls on our shoulders Ameen and I charged into eachother and had tons of fun.

After floating around the whole afternoon, we were hungry and took the train back to vivo city. We ate at the mall and hurried back home, because Estee had a nice surprise for us.
At 8:30 we were expected to arrive at the Timbré musicpub. We had some nice drinks and a pizza and listened to the livemusic till late. When the show ended, we took a cab back to Tempines and everyone fell asleep quickly.
Tomorrow is another wonderful day in Singapore. Meri and Mariette, the other interns, will join us and we will have even more fun. Estee also said she will have a nice surprise for Kanika, but you'll read about that tomorrow......

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